It is extremely easy to create an application that can filter (black list) incoming calls or prioritize its behavior according to the callers.
The entire system can also be provided in a version based on "pure" IP telephony. Of course, the SIP protocol is now supported, too. The system can work both in environments with no exchanges and in IP branches of telephone exchanges.
We will deliver a system that is integrated to your environment (e.g. database searching).
VocalBoX is a fully modular voice system that can always adapt to your needs.

The entire system is based either on Intel Dialogic voice cards or, in case of the IP telephony, on a pure network solution.
These are the basic application modules. Click the separate tabs to learn more.
Vocalbox HOTEL
A standalone product that can provide alarm functions, hotel voice services, room status functions etc. The system fully supports most hotel front-office applications. To learn more, refer to the separate section.